Discover It Secured Credit Card: pros and cons

The annual fee-free card that lets you access your FICO score for free

Discover It Secured Credit Card: pros and cons

Why is this for you

A good option for anyone interested in building or rebuilding their credit profile, the Discover It Secured Credit Card offers cash back and several other benefits.

This card does not charge an annual fee and allows you to access your FICO Score for free. Learn more now.


  • No annual fee: it does not charge an annual fee.
  • No credit score required: apply with no minimum credit score
  • FICO Credit Score for free: you can view your FICO Score for free on the Discover mobile app
  • Cash Back: get 2% back at gas stations and restaurants and 1% on all other purchases
  • National acceptance: this is a well-accepted card, with 99% nationwide acceptance
  • Cash Back Match: get a dollar-for-dollar match on every cash reward earned
  • Build your credit: build or rebuild your credit by developing a profile with major credit bureaus


  • High APR: the APR rate of this card is 25.99%

If you are interested in this card, it is time to find out more details before applying.

Tap the button below for a better chance of being approved when applying for yours.

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