Discover It Secured Credit Card: earn cash back

It's time to get to know this credit card better and find out how it works

Discover It Secured Credit Card: earn cash back

You’ve already seen all the advantages and disadvantages that the Discover It Secured Credit Card can offer.

Now you’ll get to know Discover better, and we’ll show you how this cashback card works.

Discover Credit Cards

Issued primarily in the US, since 1985 Discover has been a credit card brand offering financial services to more than 470,000 customers. Also, it is known for offering annual fee-free credit cards.

Discover Account App

Created to make life easier for its customers, the Discover Account App is very simple to use. With it you can manage your account without leaving home, just download it from your cell phone’s app store.

How will this work?

Pay for your purchases using your Discover It Secured Credit Card to receive Cash Back. Get 2% back when you shop at gas stations and restaurants, and 1% back at all other stores.

In addition, Discovery offers unlimited cashback and Cashback Match, which double the reward in your first year.

Get Approved Today!

Know all the fees and conditions necessary to apply for this card. Tap the button below.

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