Mastercard Fit Platinum: good for low credit score holders

The card that will take your credit score to new heights

Mastercard Fit Platinum: good for low credit score holders

Why is this for you

Start building your credit score today with all the legitimacy of Mastercard.

This card was designed for cardholders looking to improve their credit scores. Every month Mastercard, unlike Visa or Amex, sends monthly payment reports to major credit bureaus.


  • Low requirements: approves low credit score holders
  • Credit limit increase: up to $2,000 limit, after 6 months (approval required)
  • Security and fraud coverage: don’t pay if the transaction was not authorized (Mastercard Guidelines)
  • Experian Vantage: 3.0 access (for e-statement sign-up only)
  • Almost instant application process: results in seconds
  • Mobile app: access your account anywhere with online free account access 24/7
  • Additional cards available: $30 fee per user


  • Interest rates: high APR
  • No rewards: there are no reward programs with this card
  • Card fees: annual fees of $99, a $6.25 monthly fee, a foreign transaction fee of 3%

Believe this credit card may assist you to improve your credit score, before you can reach for premium cards such as Amex, Visa, Mastercard, and Dinners exclusive offers.

Click below and see how easy it is to apply for your Mastercard Platinum Fit today.

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