Here’s more about the Mastercard Fit Platinum card

Fast, save and easily approves everyone

Here’s more about the Mastercard Fit Platinum card

The bank of Missouri and Continental Finance are behind the Mastercard Fit Platinum.

This provides the trust and technology required to create this amazing offer to those that dream of rebuilding their credit score and history.

Bank of Missouri

Founded in 1891 is available in more than 34 locations and is a $1.7 Billion community bank.

Continental Finance

Founded in 2005 CFC is one of the American market leaders and service providers for consumers looking to improve their credit scores and history.

How will this work?

Seat back and watch your credit score improve as you pay your bills on time.

This credit card was designed to get you back up on your feet. Created with customers such as you in mind, with the understating of what really matters to consumers around the US that have lost track of their payments somewhere in their lives.

Get Approved Today!

An easy online application will allow people with less-than-perfect credit scores to get their credit cards and reestablish their credit scores and limits.

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