Low-rate Amex Credit Card

All the exclusiveness of American Express at a low rate

Low-rate Amex Credit Card

30 seconds to be approved for the Low-rate AMEX credit card, only 8.99% p.a. on purchases! Take advantage of a no Annual Fee from American Express.

  • No Annual Fee;
  • Electronic Wallet: Apple Pay, Google and Samsung Pay available
  • Only $30 late payment fee;
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases;
  • Low interest rate of 8.99% p.a. on purchases;
  • Up to 4 additional cards with no extra cost;
  • Fraud Protection Guarantee;
  • Emergency Card Replacement within 48 hours.
  • No pre-approved balance transfer rate, but 0 transfer fee

It can be hard to choose a credit card with all the perks and benefits out there! However, with the Low Rate Amex Credit Card, you can enjoy a card with no annual fee.

With an exclusive American Express card that is welcomed all over the world, you can enjoy your $450 annual Qantas Travel Credit.

Understand why this Amex credit card is the best for you?

This Low-Rate Credit Card enables you to draw cash overseas with only 3% fee and no overseas charges!

Amex will also permit you to convert large purchases into instalment plans, so you can shop for the electronics you have always dream! Such as your new TV, Motorcycle, ATVs and many others!

Our expert opinion

Our credit card experts recommend this credit card for its fraud protection, low interest rates, purchase protection and free supplementary cards.

Learn how to apply to this Amex Credit Card

Application process is so simple you will get you answer back in only 30 seconds!

Click now and learn how to apply

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