Amazon Rewards Visa: get bonuses and rewards

The best card for those who buy a lot on amazon

Amazon Rewards Visa: get bonuses and rewards

Why is this for you

If you’re an Amazon usual customer, this card might be a good choice.

Designed for frequent Amazon customers, the Amazon Rewards Visa card offers a lot of benefits and rewards. Learn more next.


  • Welcome bonus: receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card upon your card approval
  • Rewards at Amazon: receive 3% back on and Whole Foods Market purchases
  • Other rewards: earn 2% back on other stores purchases, such as drugstores, restaurants, and gas stations
  • No Annual fee: this is a free annual fee credit card
  • No foreign transaction fees: don’t pay for transactions made outside the US
  • Visa Signature perks: you can use exclusive services, such as a 24/7 concierge
  • Travel benefits:  you can count on travel accident and baggage delay insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, and travel emergency assistance


  • No bonus rewards: unlike Amazon’s next higher tier card (Amazon Prime Rewards Visa), this card doesn’t give bonuses at Amazon store
  • No free APR: the APR for this card can be up from 17.24% to 25.24%, depending on the customer’s creditworthiness

Now that you know all Amazon Rewards Visa card benefits, it’s time to apply for yours. It’s a simple process and we’ll help you.

Just click on the box below and sign up for yours.

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