How to apply for Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant

Find out now what is needed to apply for yours

How to apply for Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant

Requirements to apply for this credit card

  • Live in the US and be at least 18 years old
  • Inform your personal data
  • Give your financial information
  • Provide your source of income
  • SSN – Social Security Number

Card fees and APR

  • APR: from 19.49% to 28.49%
  • Annual fee: $650
  • Cash Advance fee: either $10 or 5%
  • Foreign Transaction: none
  • Penalty Fees: Late and Returned fee is up to $40

Apply for your Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant

Tap “Apply Now”, fill out the application form on the American Express page, and wait for the approval.

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