Bank of America App: how to download, apply and be approved to credit cards

Bank of America(BofA) is one of the largest banks in the US, its almost the size of Citibank and Wells Fargo combined. It is reggarded as the most secure and convenient US Bank. With an open bank branche near you, no matter where you are and over 4000 branches in the US alone. BofA App is one of the best mobile apps there is available today

Bank of America is one of the most popular banks in the US, with over 68 million consumers and business clients. BofA was won several digital and mobile banking awards, as it drove innovation in the US with its mobile app. Sometimes having a branche and mobile app are still not sufficient, for that reason the bank has more than 16,000 ATMs in the US.

Don’t waste time, with our guide, downloading and using the app to apply for you credit card will be fast and easy. Follow the steps to apply to your credit card bello:

  • Rewards, Miles and Cash back
  • Applying (fast and easy) for you Bank of America Credit Card
  • A Secure Financial Institution: Secure Account and Money
  • Pension planning: with BofA wealth management solutions

Main: Bank of America Mobile Banking app features and credit card perks

Bank of America has many credit cards that rival any bank in the world. The app was designed to make its use simple, easy and convenient to our daily busy lives.

The app enables you to view your account balances, wire money, invest your money and apply to different types of credit cards. Furthermore, it is easy to collect rewards earned and monitor cash back, miles and other perks earned. Bellow you will see how to choose and apply to the credit cards available.

Bank of America investments to keep your money safe are outmatched in the US today with over U$1 billion every year. Every time you make a transaction or receive a transfer and pay a bill you will receive alerts, notifications, and push. That way you can keep track of what is going on with your account even if you haven’t log in the mobile app.

The app does allow you to turn off notifications in case you feel those disturb or annoy your everyday life. Sending and receiving money, is very intuitive and safe in the app. The app has an AI to support you and help you carry on tasks on your everyday life.

How to download the BofA Mobile App

Bank of America mobile app is very easy to download, just go to your Google Play Store. If you are an Android user or to the Apple App Store if you are an IOS user. It is a very light app and before I can explain to you how to apply to the BofA credit card, its best you download it.

The app download should be completed in less than a minute. When the download finishes open and launch the app, so you will start using it.

To be safe, it is important to download apps only from official app stores. The ones mentioned above are managed and overseen by Google and Apple; this makes it very safer to download the app. It helps to keep your information protected and your phone information confidential.

Be safe! Secure your account and money

Face ID and Touch ID, technology is of the most well developed and advanced among financial institutions in the World. Fingerprint technology is easy to use and helps you keep your account safe.

Furthermore, the app AI identifies unusual activity to spot frauds. This enables best in class security control to keep your account, money, and information always safe.

Bank of America is so sure about its technology, that it guarantees any problem generated from its mobile app use, will be fully refunded to the client.

Erica, is the name of the online AI virtual assistant that is always available to help

Most bank apps are very hard to understand and use, not mention most are not secure. Bank of America app is very simple, fast, clean, and intuitive. Our testers were surprised by how easy it is to use the app. Money transfer, investing, managing, retirement funds and checking your balance is but a few clicks away.

Erica the virtual financial assistant helps you pay your bills on time, deposit and withdraw with ultimate precision and accuracy. Its 100% of the time available to you at our phone and can assist you with every task you wish in the app.

For first time users, the AI is always proving feedback, tips, and teaching users how to perform different tasks. Erica is the most effective and friendly AI among all apps, however you can always choose to speak to an attendant on your phone if you prefer. Bank of America has one of the most awarded call centers in the US.

How to apply to your Bank of America Credit Card

Using the app you may apply to several Bank of America Credit Cards. They are targeted for different categories so you will have credit card options for cash back, travel rewards, airline rewards, low interest, credit building, point rewards and for students. It is very fast and simple to apply to credit cards using the Bank of America app.

At the application the app will ask you for an offer code which you can receive in events or on the official website. The offer code is not mandatory, but it contains some special promotions or offers that you can benefit from.

After that you may apply online in just a few seconds. You will soon be greeted with a notification reggarding your aplication. Most of our testers received an approval whithi seconds.

Dont loose your spirits if you receive a different notificatio. There are several credit cards and you may be apporoved to different cards.

A Bank of America Credit Card has many perks and benefits

Let’s start by saying Bank of America, has a tailored credit card for many different uses. Build you credit score to access your dream cards. Travel and enjoy online and travel rewards or just enjoy your cash back and points.

Bank of America app enables you access your credit score for free! This way as you use your credit card, pays your bills, and use the app, you can see your credit score improving.

Bank of America has credit card solutions aimed to help those who wish to rebuild their Credit Card for bad credit score.  BankAmericard Secure is one example of how to establish and strengthen or even rebuild you credit score with a credit card that is simple and convenient.

Here is some miles, cash baks and other perks for you to enjoy

The benefits and financial advantages are many among Bank of America credit cards. For instance, go enjoy free US museums admissions by presenting your card at the museum.

The perks are so amazing that you may choose premium rewards, customized cash rewards and prefered cash back profile cards. 

Moreover, you can also enjoy sign-up bonueses. This enables you to stack up miles, points and rewards to collect early on. Using your Bank of America credit card, you help buld credit score and collect perks.

Make sure you dont forget to sign-up for your perks and benefits when you apply to your credit card.

Rewards, miles, cash back, travel perks and credit score improvement

Different cards may give you 1.5 points per dollar spent. Other cards will help you get more cash back on stores you shop more often. For instance, if you often use your card for groceries, you may choose that category of spending to enjoy more cash back.

Some of the rewards will enable you to get a free flight ticke, hotel, cruise, baggage fee, vacation packages and many other perks.

Remeber the many types of rewards the bank of america credit cards have. Among the many types there is always one best suited to you.

Final remarks of our experts

Remeber the smart use of your credit card will help you not only save money on perks such as cash back and discounts.

But credit card debt may be extremely dangerous, so we strongly advice to always pay your credit card statement in full and on time.

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