Discover It Student Cash Back: build your credit

Meet this card that is good for those who are starting their financial life

Discover It Student Cash Back: build your credit

Why is this for you

A student credit card is an excellent option for those just starting out financially who need to build their credit score.

Discover It Student Cash Back was created to help students in this process, as it does not charge an annual fee. Find out more details below.


  • No annual fee: enjoy not having to pay an annual fee
  • Cash Back: receive 5% cashback on selected categories
  • No Credit Score Required: it is based on data from the last 12 months of the application
  • Intro APR: enjoy 6 months of 0% introductory APR
  • Designed for students: this card helps you build credit with responsible use
  • Choose your card design: Discover offers 10+ card styles to express yourself


  • Intro APR for a short time: 0% intro APR is for 6 months, then it will be 15,99% to 24,99%

As you can see, the Discover It Student Cash Back Credit Card has many benefits.

Click the button below to learn more about it and find out how to apply.

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