Capital One Platinum: improve your score

Find out this annual fee-free credit card that might help you get the credit you wish for

Capital One Platinum: improve your score

Why is this for you

Capital One is an American bank holding company that is specialized in credit cards.

The Capital One Platinum credit card is good for those people with average credit score who want to improve it. Learn more below.


  • Annual fee: this is an annual fee-free card
  • No foreign transaction fees: don’t pay for transactions made outside of the US
  • Credit score monitoring: with this card, you can unlimited access your credit score through CreditWise
  • Online banking: you can access all you need to manage your account from your mobile device
  • More security: Capital One offers some services that guarantee you more security, such as security alerts, card lock, and more.
  • Tap to pay: with contactless technology, you have more agility to pay for your purchases
  • 24/7 Customer Service: you can count on a client service that may assist you 24 hours a day


  • Purchase APR: this card has a variable APR of up to 24.49%

We believe that the Capital One Platinum card might be the best for you.

Touch the box below to go to the Capital One website and apply for your card today.

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