Know in more details the Quicksilver Rewards Card

Learn more about how this card with no annual fee and cashback works

Know in more details the Quicksilver Rewards Card

You already know that this is an annual fee-free credit card and that it offers several benefits and cashback.

On this page, we have separated more information that may be needed before you apply for yours. Read more below.

Capital One

In 1994, the bank holding Capital One was created to revolutionize the credit card industry through data and technology. Currently, the bank has more than 43 million customers. You can trust the financial solutions and products offered that it offers.

Capital One Travel

Capital One Travel is an exclusive benefit for some cardholders (such as Quicksilver Rewards owners), which helps you save money on your travels, allowing for more flexible payments, providing cheaper hotel reservations and extra rewards on upcoming trips.

How will this work?

With this card, you get unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day. It also gives you a $200 bonus for new members who spend $500 on purchases in the first 3 months.

In addition, cardholders can enjoy exclusive discounts at select stores such as Amazon and at music and sports events.

Get Approved Today!

Applying for this card is an easy process and is done entirely online. On the next page, we will tell you everything you need to order yours.

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