Know better the Discover It Student Chrome Card

See now how this student card works

Know better the Discover It Student Chrome Card

This is an excellent credit card that offers cashback with no annual fee and introductory APR.

See now in more detail how the Discover It Student Chrome Card works.

Discover Credit Cards

Known for offering annual fee-free credit cards, Discover was established in 1985 and since then, has provided quality financial services to more than 470,000 US customers. So you can trust it.

Discover Account App

The Discover Account App is complete and easy to use.

Through it, you can manage your account, set alerts, track and redeem cashback rewards, view your FICO® Score for free, and much more.

How will this work?

The Discover It Student Chrome Card offers 2% automatic cashback at select places like gas stations, restaurants, and 1% at all other places.

For this, you just need to make your purchases using your card to accumulate unlimited cashback.

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